Our Story

Hold My Rod - BobbyWe've all been there ...  The weather is perfect, the tide friendly and you look forward to a relaxing day of surf fishing.  As you arrive on the beach and assemble your gear, you realize that there is nowhere to cut bait.  As you sacrifice the lid of your new cooler to fillet fresh bait, your expensive reel has fallen over and is filling with sand and salt water.  Even worse, a wave crashes and you watch helplessly while your favorite beverage washes into the surf . This was supposed to be relaxing!

End that hassle with my ingenious rod holder system.     I've put my two decades of surf fishing experience to work in developing this product.  To use, simply find a spot close to the tide line.  Hold the outer edges of the arm assembly and twist the rod holder while pushing down.   Set to desired height.  Now you have the perfect platform to hold 2 rods, bait and a beverage.  This FREES YOUR HANDS while keeping your prized reel out of the sand and saltwater.  The tough polycarbonate cutting board also acts as a work station while fishing in the surf.  Best of all, your favorite beverage and hugger fits into our built-in cup holder.  Constructed of highest quality PVC and coated with a chip and UV resistant polymer, it's designed to last for years.  This patent-pending design is securely fastened with stainless steel to provide you a quality piece of fishing equipment.  Don't hesitate to order one today for yourself or as a gift...Order now, and take the hassle out of your next saltwater fishing experience.  Get the grease hot!